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Welcome to The Thunder Walker Experience!

Just what is The Thunder Walker Experience, you ask? Well, my friends, this is a remarkably interesting question. Depending on who you ask, you are bound to get different answers as no two experiences are or will ever be quite the same. One thing that you can be certain of, they all share a common thread: each experience leaves one in awe of the one and only, Thunder Breathe Walker.

While I cannot speak for everyone, I can start this blogging journey by recalling how my personal Thunder Walker Experience began, and how it has led me here. This will be the first of many blogs as we follow Thunder around the world documenting her adventures in the cannabis industry! It is going to be an exciting adventure to say the least.

I should begin by stating that a year ago I would not have imagined I would be sitting here writing this. I knew I would be writing, just not in this medium. I had a job writing for a marijuana magazine in Michigan that I truly loved and thought I would be a part of until, well, I died. Due to some disagreements on my compensation, we had to part ways.

While it may seem that I am telling a grim story, I am actually recalling a true blessing. It was that doomed job which ultimately led me to my first Thunder Walker Experience! Being a 12 year old publication, I was shocked to learn that the magazine had never attempted to utilize its press credentials. My former employer asked that I apply for press passes to the huge and extremely expensive cannabis industry event in Las Vegas called MjBizCon. To his (and my) surprise, I scored us two, all- access, press passes to the event and off to Vegas we flew!

It was the first full day of the MjBizCon, and we decided to head to the press room for coffee and a pastry before heading out into the maze of displays and vendors. It was then that I couldn’t help but spot two beautiful women doing the same. One of them noticed us sitting by the coffee dispenser and instantly approached us, introducing herself as Thunder Walker. “What a great name!” I thought as I responded.

Not only did her name fit, the energy she also emitted was nothing short of electric, magical. How else can I describe it? Thunder has that charisma most often reserved for men in our culture. She demands attention, but in a way that brings pure joy to those around her.

Within minutes, we had connected. She introduced me to her beautiful [and equally fierce] assistant, Bianca. Dubbing me one of her “Troublemakers”, not only had we connected on an instant sisterhood level, but Thunder also agreed to be a special guest speaker to an event I was assisting the magazine in coordinating, The 17th MMM Growers Convention in Ann Arbor, Michigan!

True to her word from that one chance meeting, Thunder came to the event to speak as part of the Women in Cannabis Panel. Coming from Oklahoma, she landed in one of the few blizzards of the year. That did not stop her, and just as I anticipated, her energy naturally drew people of all walks of life into her orbit, like moths to a flame. Along with her fabulous entourage, she took the time to get to know each vendor and learn about their products. Thunder made everyone that she came into contact feel like the star of the show, whether she was talking to a CEO or a hotel worker where the event was held. Everyone received the same love and light.

Having stayed a day longer than the rest of the staff, I was able to speak to attendees after the excitement of the event died down. One such couple was sitting in the breakfast area the morning after. “Did you get to meet Thunder Walker, by chance?” I asked.

A glow slowly came over the woman’s face. “You mean the lady with the big hair that came in like a black superhero?!” Smiling ear to ear, looking back at her partner, she said again, “Honey I don’t know how else to describe it! She just swooped in like a black superhero!”

That, my friends, is The Thunder Walker Experience!

Just what will your Thunder Walker Experience be? I, for one, am excited to find out. Will it be magical, like it was for me finding a soul sister for life? Will it be a platform to help support and propel your dreams and ideas? Will it be empowering, like meeting your very own superhero? With the one and only Thunder Walker, one never quite knows!

The one thing I do know, you will never forget the experience. Cannabis industry, in particular the men who feel that they should dominate this budding industry of legalized cannabis, should watch out. Here comes The Thunder Walker Experience, and from what I have seen, she is poised to take this industry by STORM!

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